Team Finland Jr wins the Junior World Champion

The second final of the youths offered hard stakes. Canada had the opportunity to have the fourth consecutive world championship. However, this would have required victory in the regular game time and in overtime. Finland dominated the game from start to finish and won the championship with 12-0.

The match did not take a minute to go when Finland’s Minka Tiihonen scored from Emmi Juusela’s pass. Canada collapsed in penalty and Finland punished them as Jenna Hakkarainen shot in the upper corner. The third goal of Finland was scored by Tiihonen, whose shot bounced through the top line. Finland was also able to paint twice more, first by Kia Kosunen and the other was Minka Levander. First period ended 5-0 under the leadership of Finland.

The second period started with Finland’s overpower goal. Tiihonen passed the ring to Juusela, who was at the corner and shot to the empty corner of goal. Canada was once again punished by Finland for penalty. At the end of the hard passing game, Meeri Longa’s exact shot ended up in the top corner of Canada’s goal. Less than a minute before the period ending, Mette Nurminen was able to score. The long break was going to start with 8-0 Finland leading.

After a few minutes of the third period, Finland’s  Levander got a goal with overpower scoring. After the middle of the period, Levander finished her hat trick. Only a few minutes of this and Hakkarainen got to score by shooting from the ringing line. The third period ended with Finland leading 11-0

Canada fought seriously in the fourth period. The team improved throughout the match and was able to run the game in Finland defensive zone and cut off Finnish attacking. However, Canada did not get goals. 20 seconds before the game’s ending, Finland finished when Levander painted her last. The match ended with Finland’s victory 12-0. Siiri Uusitalo of Finland played an incredible game in both finals as she didn’t let anyone score goals to Finland’s net.

Kuva Timo Kupiainen

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