Volunteering at World Ringette Championships 2022

World Ringette Championships will take place in Espoo from the 31st of October to the 6th of November 2022. WRC 2022 organization employs over 200 volunteers to multiple different tasks.

Different tasks for volunteers are listed below with more detailed explanations on what the task entails. Tasks have been divided into different sections to make volunteer work at WRC 2022 more accessible.

We will guarantee meaningful volunteer work for everyone who’s interested. We would like to encourage junior players to join as well and have many opportunities for different skill levels. If you would like to be a part of this international ringette event or have any questions, feel free to contact the WRC Secretary General Ira Merivaara at wrc22@ringette.fi


Event assistant

  • Contests during intermissions
  • Contests at the venue
  • Fan merchandise booth
  • Helping with fan events
  • Ringette presentation booth
  • Messenger tasks
  • Stand assistant (guides the audience to their seats)

Event assistant is involved in different side events during intermissions and around the main event. Event assistants work with the organization and help with different running errands. Many of the tasks are suitable for juniors who would like to join the organization.

Customer service

  • Info stand
  • Ticket sales
  • VIP events and VIP areas
  • Ceremonies and awards
  • Opening ceremony
  • Assistants at partner events
  • Volunteer manager

Customer service work includes meeting and helping both Finnish and international audience members. Working at the info stand you will be working as the audience’s guide to the venue and will be answering questions about the event in both Finnish and English. Working at the info stand requires comprehensive knowledge about the Metro Arena and Tapiola ice rink, the surroundings and public transportation.

Volunteer manager oversees volunteers before and during the event.

All customer service work requires an excellent customer service attitude and the ability to work in a hectic environment. English language skills expected but not mandatory.

Communications and media

  • Head of Communications
  • Content creators – social media
  • Photographers
  • Interviewers (e.g., player interviews)
  • Video producers
  • Press officers
  • Game commentators
  • Marketing

Communications and media tasks include reporting on the games for social media and other outlets. Knowing how to use different social media platforms and understanding the use and effects of social media is essential to succeed in these roles.

The video team produces audiovisual material into WRS 2022 social media platforms. Editing and English language skills are desirable.

The marketing team oversees different marketing actions such as distribution of information about ringette and WRC 2022 as well as events held in schools and day care centers in the Helsinki region.

Championship office

  • Championship manager
  • Team and athlete services
  • Accreditation
  • Updating results and statistics
  • Updating the WRC 2022 web site

The championships office will service the teams, athletes and guests in various tasks during the championships. The office prepares clearances and makes sure that the information is correct and helps the organization in many other related tasks.

The office is a hub where volunteers know everything about what’s happening and make sure that the information reaches the right people. Succeeding in these tasks requires a good customer service attitude as well as attention to detail and the knowledge of the English language.

Safety and logistics

  • Logistics manager
  • Logistics services
  • Security guards
  • Traffic control
  • First aid

Tasks in safety and logistics consist of e.g., passage control, safety and transportation of teams and other guests. The tasks require a good understanding of safety and logistics as these tasks are crucial to have a smooth, pleasant, and safe event for everyone attending.

Transportation will mostly be organized on routes in between the airport, places of accommodation and the venue. Logistics manager oversees the transportation schedules.

First aid workers will be the first response unit to give first aid in the venue of the event to any players, audience members, volunteers or other people who need it.

Match officials and statistics

Match officials will work together with a manager who will oversee this volunteer group. Most of the tasks are not different to regular ringette games. Statistics tasks entail counting shots etc.

Team assistants

Team assistants’ responsibilities consist of assisting the teams in many running errands as well as working as a point of contact in between the teams and the organizers.

Building and dismantling of the venue

The tasks include building the event in the ice rinks and nearing areas in Tapiola sports park. This team is also in charge of taking down the event once it’s over. The team works before and after the event.

Collaborations with partners

  • Gathering partners
  • Ad space sales

This team sells partnerships and ad space for the championships.


Tasks in IT-services include e.g., helping volunteers with any internet, computer, software, and printer issues as well as installing said devices. IT knowledge required in these tasks.