Ringette to be a part of TAHTO exhibit

Ringette will be a part of an exhibition in TAHTO Center for Finnish Sports Culture. The exhibition will be open for the autumn of 2022. Items donated for the exhibition by a Finnish player Marjukka Virta will be on display from 24.10.2022.

Tahto is the Finnish word for ‘will’. The success story of Finnish sports was not built with technology or equipment but with a strong will. TAHTO is here to respect and continue that story. TAHTO Center for Finnish Sports Culture offers unique experiences and viewpoints on sports and physical culture.

The exhibition is enlivened by versatile and unique audiovisual contents that guide the visitor from story to another and emotion to another: from the Helsinki Olympic Games to the world of e-sports, from excitement through disappointment to joy for victory. The exhibition brings to you the heroes of Finnish success sports. Marjukka Virta, a legendary ringette player, has donated items such as WRC Gold metals as well as her latest Finnish team jersey that she won her final medal as the captain of the team in.

More information about TAHTO and the exhibitions can be found on the TAHTO website.

The official WRC 2022 program manual will include a coupon that will offer -50% off of the ticket price to TAHTO. The manual can be purchased at the event arena sales points during the tournament. 

Ticket’s to WRC 2022 can be bought from the Ticketmaster website.

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