Watch all games live on Ringette LIVE YouTube Channel

Atlantis Media will stream all World Ringette Championship games live on their YouTube channel. 

Ringette LIVE is Atlantis Media’s trademark and they produce live games from Finnish Ringette Women’s league. Ringette LIVE will show all the games during the WRC live on their YouTube channel.

All games will be commentated in English.

Ringette is best live, so purchase your tickets and arrive to Espoo to enjoy the games and the atmosphere of the WRC week. Tickets are sold on Ticketmaster.


Yle to broadcast Sam Jacks and Junior pool finales on national TV


Yle will broadcast both Sam Jacks finales as well as the second Junior finale. Yle is Finland’s national public broadcasting company.

Friday 4.11. 1st Sam Jacks Pool finale: two first periods will be broadcasted to Yle TV2 and the game will continue on the online platform Yle Areena from 19:00 onwards.

Saturday 5.11. 2nd Junior Pool finale will be broadcasted live over on Yle Areena at 16:00. Additionally, a compilation from Friday’s Sam Jacks game will be shown on Yle TV2 at 15:10-15:45.

Sunday 6.11. 2nd Sam Jacks finale will be broadcasted live on Yle TV2 starting at 15:45.

All Yle broadcasts will be commentated in Finnish. Yle Areena broadcasts can be watched in the EU.

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