WRC 2022 Secretary General – Ira Merivaara

Ira Merivaara has been elected Secretary General of WRC2022. She has a long background in ringette and an excellent knowledge of the operating environment in the city of Espoo. Merivaara has been the engine of ringette in Espoo since 2014 and is currently manager of ringette in Kiekko-Espoo.

The post of Secretary General of the WRC will be part-time and until the end of November 2022. Ira Merivaara will start as Secretary General on September 20, 2021 and can be reached at the World Championships in e-mail from WRC22@ringette.fi

The Finnish Ringette Association congratulates Ira on choosing and welcomes you to an interesting WRC project!

“I am extremely excited about the upcoming World Championships, which will surely become the most unforgettable and greatest in the history of ringette,” comments Ira Merivaara.

Hundreds of volunteers and, of course, the public are making it possible for successful event. The WRC is an experience that every player living in our sport, as well as parents, should be able to experience. Over the fall, we will be opening an enrollment for volunteers. Together, we manage to create a wonderful experience for both the athletes and the audience, but also for the volunteers of the event.

“To get a sold out ice arena we also need potential enthusiasts of the sport to watch the games and be surprised when the very best athletes of our sport fight for the brightest medals. Who do you bring with you to watch the home World Championships in Espoo? Let’s fill the Metro Arena together!” Merivaara challenges the entire ringette community.

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