Restaurants table sale starts tomorrow

The restaurant tables for next autumn’s World Ringette Championships will go on sale tomorrow at Ticketmaster. The tables are on sale at Metro Arena for matches from Friday to Sunday and will go on sale tomorrow, 11 May 2022 at 15:00 Finnish time (UTC +3). Enjoy the best ringette and the atmosphere in the WRC right from the restaurant table reserved for you and your party!

The price of the restaurant table includes one table with four seats, tickets for the game for everyone and a selected menu. For one the table you must select one menu. Friday 4.11. the restaurant table ticket is not part of the ticket sales campaign. Saturday and Sunday restaurant table tickets are day tickets and food will be served in the game starting at 4pm.

The prices of the tables vary depending on the day and the menu as follows:

Premium menu: € 364-404
Burger menu: 304 € -344 €


Premium Menu

Cognac engraved salmon and dill methane (L, G)

Arugula and citrus vinaigrette

Corn chicken breast, red wine sauce and wok vegetables (M, G)

Lingonberry savarin (G)

Burger Menu

Nachoplate (M, G). Nachos and house salsa. One large tray for the whole table.

House Burger (L)

Waffle and Vanilla Ice Cream Ball (L)


Meals include ice water, other drinks can be bought on site.

The customer is asked to report special diets no later than one week before the match to


What if I already bought a ticket for the match and want to exchange it for a restaurant table ticket?

It is possible for you to swap your seats to a restaurant table. In this case, you must purchase a restaurant table from Ticketmaster’s website, after which you must contact Ticketmaster’s customer service from a previously purchased seat ticket. Set the subject to “WRC 2022”.  You can also call customer service on tel. + 358 3 053 0003 (0.08 euros / min + local time).

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