Sonja Sjögren appointed as Head of Communications for WRC 2022

Sonja Sjögren has been appointed as Head of Communications for World Ringette Championships that take place in Espoo next fall. Sjögren, who has a BA in Journalism, has an extensive ringette history both in and outside of the rink. Sjögren has previously worked on multiple communications jobs for Ringette Finland. In addition to that she was the Finnish national team’s press officer in the 2019 World Ringette Championships in Burnaby, Canada.

Sjögren has started in her role as Head of Communications

in the spring of 2022. In matters concerning communications of the WRC 2022 she can be contacted via email:

I was involved in the 2019 championships project in Burnaby and I can’t wait to get properly started with this project. The atmosphere in championships that are held in Finland is on another level and it will be amazing to see the ringette people of Finland come together in my hometown Espoo! The teams of volunteers are starting to shape up and I have a feeling we are going to have a good group of people working together. I’m excited to get to know new people, too, Sjögren says excitedly.


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