First Junior Pool win for Finland, Team Czech performed strong against Sweden

Finland took a strong start to the game and was clearly the team in control from the start. Finland scored for the first time only a few minutes into the game as Minka Tiihonen served a terrific pass to Kia Kosunen, who put the ring into the net. Finland very quickly started scoring more and Jenna Hakkarainen was especially efficient as she finished a hat trick within the first quarter of the game. The first period ended in Finland’s 0-5 lead.

We especially used all goal opportunities. We scored a lot and didn’t waste the opportunities, Hakkarainen, who scored five times in the game said.

The second period saw no big changes and Finland kept the lead. Canada played strong but was not able to score as many of their shots went a little bit off the goal and Siiri Uusitalo played well guarding the goal. Canada was however able to slow Finland down a bit and they only managed to score twice.

The long break inbetween second and third periods seemed to do wonders for the Canadians. The home team was able to control the ring more and some dangerous shots were executed by the Canadians. The Canadian defence was able to keep the Finns in check through the period and performed especially well when they killed two penalties with three against five. Hakkarainen scored once during the period, leaving the score at 0-8.

Finland tired Canada out by the last period and faced very little resistance. Canada’s goalkeeper Rachael Palisek performed some important saves as Finnish offence was working hard in front of the goal. In the end Finland’s Hakkarainen scored for the fifth time and a defender Vilma Tuominiemi finished the game off with Finland’s tenth goal.

It went really well. We have improved our play since the exhibition games and it shows that we are more of a team now, Hakkarainen said. She is happy with their game today but thinks that they can still improve for Saturday by leaving out all unnecessary fumbling and penalties.

I think we can do better, Megane Fortin, the MVP for Team Canada Jr said after the game.

It’s hard to say when you lose like ten nothing, but we just never give up and we give all we can do and we going to be better at next game, she concluded.

MVP for Team Finland Jr was Minka Levander.

Team Czech close to their first win – Sweden turned the game around in last period

Photo: Timo Kupiainen

The second game between Czech and Sweden proved that the Czech’s have been improving massively during the week. The first half of the game was clearly in Czech’s control, but Sweden managed to improve their game towards the end.

Šarlota Tomasco scored the first goal of the game in the first period putting the Czechs in lead. By the time the first period was over, Sweden was down by two goals. Team Czech kept their game strong throughout the second period. Despite the long power play, the Swedes were not able to score and on the contrary, the Czechs scored their third goal while killing their penalty. After this, Sweden finally scored as Nilla Wernersson shot the ring to the net. Although Sweden was finally able to score, the Czechs controlled the second period as well.

Sweden got better after the long period break and scored their second goal at the halfway point of the third period. Sweden was able to take advantage of power play opportunities and scored twice during the period. The fourth period carried on as Sweden was able to keep controlling the ring more and was able to score. Eventually the blue-and-yellow Sweden tied the game at 6-6. Last minutes of the match were suspenseful as both teams were trying to shoot the winning shot. Only ten seconds remained, as Sweden’s Sarah Esmail scored the winning goal.

We played hard game, it was our best, but we may be next time play smarter, Veronika Hůlková said after the game. She played an incredible game guarding the Czech goal, saving many Swedish shots.

It was a tough game, Checks came out very strong, Esmail said after the game, I think we made a good comeback in a second half.

Esmail was chosen as the MVP of the game, rightly so. Czech’s Karolina Kosinová was her teams MVP of the game.


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